About me


Welcome to my blog Just Enjoy My Italy!

My name is Anna. I’m Russian but I’ve been living in Italy since 2006.

 My blog is completely dedicated to Italy – the country I’m extremely in love with and I couldn’t even imagine my life without it anymore. Italy is my second motherland and Sirmione is my home.

I travel a lot around Italy. But I prefer to explore my country alone as it allows me to fully immerse myself into beautiful places as well as to meet new people.

Each country has its “classical set” of places of interest, but to discover the most memorable and unusual ones, it’s often necessary to avoid touristic routes. In my blog, I’ll tell you about these cultural and historical gems.

In 2010 I attended courses of Italian Sommelier Association – AIS. Since then visiting wine-making companies and tasting local cuisine have become an essential part of my trips.

In the same year, I became obsessed with sailing and three years later I got my international sailing license. So, welcome on board with me to explore the most beautiful Italian islands and seashores!

Of course, our entertainment can expand beyond, in particular: horse-riding in vineyards, mountain climbing, panoramic paragliding and husky racing. Yes, yes, you understood correctly: we have huskies in Italy too!

Join me! I hope you just enjoy my Italy!